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VW01 Building Power Apps with .NET & Azure API Management - End-to-End


8:00am - 9:15am

Marcel Ferreira

Senior Product Manager


Stephanie Lemus

Global Blackbelt App Innovation/Fusion


Linda Nichols

App Innovation Global Blackbelt


In this talk, we will explore the world of Fusion development with pro-code in Azure and low-code Microsoft Power Apps. We will delve into the details of building APIs with APIM Management to augment low-code applications, taking you on an end-to-end journey that covers everything from setting up your environment to building and deploying your applications.

We will discuss the benefits of using Azure API Management for your Power Apps development, including its robust security features and the ease of integrating with other Microsoft tools. We will also explore how .NET applications can be used to create powerful backend services for your Power Apps, allowing you to tap into the full power of the .NET ecosystem.

Through practical demonstrations and examples, we will show you how to create a complete end-to-end solution using these technologies, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how to build reliable and secure Power Apps that meet your business needs.

Join us for this exciting talk and learn how to leverage the full potential of Azure API Management, .NET, and Power Apps to build robust, scalable, and secure applications that drive your business forward.

You will learn:

  • Azure API Management
  • ASP.NET web API Development
  • Visual Studio