Visual Studio Live! Video Library

Preview the mix of practical and independent content available at Visual Studio Live! with session recordings on topics like Security, Angular, ASP.NET, Async Patterns, SQL Server Data Tools and Node.js.

Video #1: Role-Based Security Stinks: How to Implement Better Authorization in ASP.NET WebAPI

Watch Ben Day as he takes you through how to design, build, and test custom authorization schemes that handle more complex authorization scenarios. He covers:

  • What is IIdentity, IPrincipal, and role-based security?
  • What is claims-based authentication?
  • How to implement a custom IPrincipal?
  • How to implement a generic maintainable authorization system for an ASP.NET MVC & WebAPI app?

Estimated viewing time: 76 minutes

Video #2: Hack Proofing Your Modern Web Applications

Watch Adam Tuliper's session on how to secure your modern web apps. He covers:

  • Why most existing applications can be hacked in some way
  • Details of common hack attacks in Modern Web Applications
  • Techniques for protecting your web applications against the most common attacks

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #3: Database Development with SQL Server Data Tools

Watch Lenni Lobel's session on the current generation of database tools for application developers. He covers:

  • The benefits of database development with SSDT's declarative model-based architecture
  • How to understand the various SSDT features and capabilities (explorer, designers, schema compare, local database runtime, language services, debugging, and buffered editing)
  • How to design, test, and deploy on-premises databases, offline database projects, and Microsoft Azure SQL databases in the cloud all from inside Visual Studio

Estimated viewing time: 77 minutes

Video #4: Angular 2 101

Watch Deborah Kurata’s beginner-level session that introduces the .NET developer to Angular 2. She covers:

  • An acronym-free description of concepts and terms
  • Key building blocks such as modules, components, and templates
  • A quick start to building successful Web applications with Angular 2

Estimated viewing time: 76 minutes

Video #5: Async Patterns for .NET Development

Watch Ben Dewey's session on asynchronous development using .NET. He covers:

  • How async and await work under the covers
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of async code
  • How to create custom async and await scenarios from scratch

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #6: Build Data-Driven Web Apps with ASP.NET Core

Watch Rachel Appel's session on building a complete web application using ASP.NET Core MVC. She covers:

  • How to build a complete app using ASP.NET Core MVC
  • How ASP.NET Core works to enable APIs and MVC to work together
  • Modify and access data in an API and consume in client or server code

Estimated viewing time: 66 minutes

Video #7: ASP.NET Core in All Its Glory

Watch Adam Tuliper's session on the newest ASP.NET release. He covers:

  • The changes to ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio
  • How this affects current applications
  • How ASP.NET Core is architected enabling it to run on multiple frameworks and operating systems

Estimated viewing time: 81 minutes

Video #8: A Practical Introduction to Node.js

Watch Rick Garibay’s session on Node.js. He introduces you to:

  • Node.js programming fundamentals on Windows
  • Design considerations for building a URL shortening service
  • Building Node.js services that embrace REST/Hypermedia principles

Estimated viewing time: 58 minutes.