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Looking for intense hands-on developer training to help you take your dev career to a new level? VSLive! Training Seminars take our world-class education to you in an intimate virtual setting with an industry expert as your guide. Keep up-to-date on some of the hottest trends in the developer world to drive your career forward. These engaging and high-impact training seminars provide in-depth education and knowledge-share, networking with fellow peers, and one-on-one interaction with a skilled instructor to take what you have learned back to your office.

Who Should Attend?

This is a technical, hands on VSLive! training seminar, and as such, is geared to developers and IT Pros who want to get started with Infrastructure as Code. It has a heavy focus on writing code and actually trying out the different options. Because of this, it is definitely a good idea to have decent experience of writing code or scripts.

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2-Day Hands-On Training Seminar
Exploring Infrastructure as Code
December 6-7, 2022
9:00AM – 5:00PM (Central)
Level: Introductory

Are you tired of spending hours of your life manually setting up environments for your IT systems? Or do you skip that and try to make do with just a “dev” and “prod” environment because it is too much of a hassle to set up a new one? Or maybe it is too expensive to run another one? Or maybe you have given up on the idea of multiple environments and decided to just deploy to production?

Setting up and maintaining multiple environments and their infrastructure can be a hassle. However, with “the cloud” and infrastructure provisioning being available through API calls, we can speed up this process by using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This allows us to define our environments in code, and easily spin up, as well as remove, environments in minutes. Need a new test environment? No worries, just spin up a new one! Need a temporary environment to try out something new? Just spin up a new one and remove it when you have tried out your idea. Why not spin up a new environment for each pull request to verify that it works? All this is possible if you have your infrastructure defined as code.

In this 2-day seminar, we will look at the 3 most popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions available for creating infrastructure in Azure, namely Bicep, Terraform and Pulumi.

The goal of this hands-on seminar is to have you define, create, update, and remove whole system environments using all three IaC solutions. This will allow you to get a feel for how they work, where they differ, and which one would suit your situation the best. All three have strengths and weaknesses depending on what you are trying to do, so having a general knowledge of all three enables you to make a successful choice when you start your journey to define your infrastructure as code!

You will learn:

  • To understand why IaC is useful in a cloud-based paradigm
  • About various options for implementing Infrastructure as Code in Azure
  • Get hands-on experience with all three of the most popular IaC tools
  • To be able to make a well-educated decision about the best option for your company

Topics covered during the seminar:

  • Introduction to Infrastructure as Code
  • Declarative vs imperative approach to IaC
  • Preventing configuration drift in Azure
  • Bicep templates
    • How it compares to ARM templates
    • Getting started with Bicep
  • Pulumi
    • Pulumi architecture
    • Language options
    • Getting started with Pulumi
  • Terraform
    • Terraform architecture
    • Terraform providers
    • Getting started with Terraform
  • Automating IaC deployments
    • Deployment pipelines for IaC projects
    • Short introduction to GitHub actions and Azure Pipelines
  • Hands-on labs
    • You will create and deploy the infrastructure for a sample application in Bicep, Terraform and Pulumi
    • The infrastructure includes, among other things, Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Key Vault and Application Insights

Attendee Workstation Requirements:
You must provide your own computer for this hands-on lab. Both Mac and Windows based computers will work fine. It needs a working microphone and speakers, as it is an on-line workshop. A webcam is also recommended, but not required.. The following technologies must be installed on the computer prior to the start of the Seminar on Tuesday, December 6th:

  • An Azure subscription with owner privileges [Note: During the seminar we will create resources that will incur a small cost to you in Azure]
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Azure CLI

Meet Our Speakers

Chris Klug
Developer / Code Monkey / Bug Creator, Active Solution

Chris Klug is an adrenaline loving, problem solver/creator who loves building things. He is currently working as a ninja/developer badass-as-a-service for a Swedish company called Active Solution. Except for the days he spends at conferences, talking about doing things he is passionate about, and the days he fills with mountain biking, kiteboarding, or RC helicopter flying. For the last 15 or so years, he has been solving problems for customers. But if he could choose, he'd go to the beach and kiteboard every time. @ZeroKoll

Jakob Ehn
Cloud & DevOps Specialist, Active Solution

Jakob Ehn works as a Cloud architecture and DevOps specialist at Active Solution. For more than 20 years, has has been building software solutions, educating developers and teams on Microsoft technologies through custom training, books, and conference talks.

Jakob is a Microsoft Azure MVP (former ALM/DevOps MVP). He is a regular speaker at conferences all around the world, such as NDC, Techorama, DevSum, CloudBrew and UpdateConf.

Top Reasons To Join Us

In-Depth Training.

If you are a developer, data engineer, architect, IT leader, Chief Data Officer, Chief Technology Officer, or industry professional looking for training, VSLive! Training Seminars provide focused in-depth training with one of the top experts in the field. Attend virtually and learn how to define, create, update, and remove whole system environments using the three best Infrastructure as Code solutions.


With small classes and an expert instructor, the intimate virtual setting of these training courses allows for networking with your peers to learn from their experiences, problem-solve, and brings solutions back to your office.

Get the Most Out of Your Time.

If you don’t have time for a full 4, 5, or 6-day conference, look no further. VSLive! Virtual Training Seminars provide in-depth, actionable training in a two-day format to fit in with your busy schedule.

Looking For More? If you are interested in more developer training offerings, check out and to explore the events, sessions, workshops and hands-on training options we offer.

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