Developing New Experiences

W16 Modernization with Blazor Hybrid


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate


.NET MAUI & Blazor are pillars of innovation in the modern .NET ecosystem. .NET MAUI is the next generation of cross-platform .NET development stack. A truly single code base powers native apps for mobile/desktop, with tighter inner loop & smarter app architecture. Blazor isn't just for modern server/client web apps, but now powers native apps with .NET MAUI. With .NET 7, .NET MAUI & Blazor share a runtime, promote code reuse across platforms & enable modernization strategies.

Blazor Hybrid apps allow developers to render Blazor UI inside an abstracted WebView hosted by .NET MAUI. This enables .NET class libraries, Blazor components, JS Interop and CSS styles to be easily shared between web & native mobile/desktop apps. Older desktop technologies like WinForms/WPF can get a breath of new life by embedding modern WebViews & allowing Blazor code reuse. JavaScript SPA apps written with Angular/React/Vue are welcome too – JS & .NET can freely talk to each other. Polished web UI is reusable on mobile/desktop apps from a true shared codebase & with full platform API access.

Blazor Hybrid enables bringing the best of the web to mobile/desktop apps, aided by with the island mindset with .NET MAUI – let's mix & match technology stacks & move apps forward.