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F02 Workshop: Building Azure PaaS Apps with C#


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Ian Griffiths

Technical Fellow


Making the leap from samples and educational demos to building real systems in Azure is difficult. Simple examples tend to punt on tricky issues such as secret management, authentication, and handling configuration in multiple environments. Demos don't usually show what to do when things don't work right (at least, not on purpose), even though a lot of development work involves diagnosing problems.

This workshop will show how to build web applications and APIs on Azure App Service (Azure Web Apps, and Azure Functions) and also Azure Container Apps. It will present techniques for managing critical secrets in a 'zero-trust' way, so that developers don't need direct access to storage account keys or connection strings. It will show strategies for managing configuration across multiple dev, test, and prod environments. It will illustrate how to use Azure AD both to secure access to your application, but also to provide higher-security service-to-service communication than more commonplace approaches. You will see how to architect systems to take full advantage of Azure's network-level security.

You will also learn techniques for diagnosing problems in the cloud, and for investigating performance issues. You will see how to use an extend Azure's built-in monitoring features to keep track of your system's vital signs. You will also see how to build detailed observability into your systems using Application Insights.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for diagnosing problems in complex cloud systems
  • How to manage secrets and configuration effectively across multiple environments
  • How to provide deep observability and monitoring on Azure